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    Alla Bocharova

    Paint artist
    Under the name BochART we know the artist Alla Bocharova. Alla was born in Ukraine (1974) more specifically in the iron mining town of Krivoy Rog (Kryvy Rih) located in the center/south of Ukraine.

    Krivoy Rog is a long stretched city of 140 km long. The whole city is built and lives off the iron mines. This also leaves a mark on the city as its inhabitants.
    The dark clouds of industry shine through on the souls of the inhabitants. Life in Krivoy Rog does something to a human being, you feel this dark pressure. Partly because of the decline of this industry, life in this city has become increasingly difficult for its nearly 1,000,000 inhabitants.

    And even though it is already a long way in the past, the old blocks, apartments, still dominate the housing in this city.
    The uniformity of the accommodation contributes to the feeling that creeps up when you spend a little longer in this city.

    But many residents have learned to live with this, better still have learned to bring feelings for the better good.
    Hospitality of the Krivoy Rog residents is without limits. A superior kindness we experience with friends and introduced acquaintances. Although it must also be said that people on the street are more likely to show a surly feeling.

    How it is arranged is a mystery but the picturesque (small) station does its job perfectly for the 1,000,000 people who live there. And travel is often done by train. A (night) trip to Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) takes up to 10 hours, so best is it to go there by sleep train.

    Great example of how to turn restrictions into something positive, you travel through the night, sleep on the train and have not lost time to travel the 450 km to the capital. in the morning you arrive nice and fresh in the capital and you can go through the day again.
    Those who go looking in this immense city will also find beautiful places, real gems that stand out in stark contrast to the rest of the city and exert a certain attraction.
    Beautiful, beautiful pleases...
    But also Alla Bocharova contributed to Krivoy Rog becoming a bit more beautiful again.
    Alla received an academic education for Visual Arts in Ukraine. Inspiration was enough to be found in Krivoy Rog to create beautiful works of art. But as a result of her move to Belgium, her works were lost.

    But as whit Alla the making of beautiful paintings is in the family, is proven and established by her uncle (1953)" Bocharov Sergey Petrovich " (Moscow) who has already made great furore. He lived and still lives in Russia and has already achieved great achievements. Click his picture if you want to learn more about Bocharov Sergey Petrovich.

    After noisy and difficult times in Ukraine, Alla came to Belgium in 1999.
    In Belgium, too, Alla had a difficult period, but the artistic virus kept creeping around in her blood and so alla resumed her painting in Belgium as well. To loosen the rusty fingers, Alla also embarked on an Academy of Fine Arts here in Belgium.
    Soon the dark, gloomy tinted works changed to lights and colorful plates.
    Alla perfectly knows how to combine coincidence with the staged, and although her paintings resemble coincidences, in fact they are well thought-out compositions.
    Mastering different techniques (pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint) on all kinds of carriers, give Alla a wide range of creativity.

    No classical paintings, but very loaded with emotions and thoughts created works in an unusual but recognizable technique is the starting point of Alla. What is particularly striking are the realistic image forms combined with a modern-looking technique in the background or is it  the foreground (?). It's up to us to give it a place...

    The immeasurable, the cosmos feeling, is a good landmark in the paintings of Alla Bochanova.
    Most of the time we also encounter our own emotions in the paintings of Alla, our own imagination goes to waste with the imaginations we find in the painting.

    Modern-looking works combined with sublime realism give Alla's work its own character.

    Feel free to take a look at her "online" gallery, and check back regularly because new alla creations are always added to the gallery.

    You can also click on the brush at the bottom to go directly to the gallery.