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Latest update 06/11/2023
I make special painting form your portret or pet
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Who is BochART?

Alla Bocharova was born in Ukraine, now she lives in northern part of Belgium for more than 20 years.

Did BochART receive an education as an artist?

Yes, Alla has enjoyed a full completion at the Academy of artistic painting in Ukraine, and currently she is still training herself at the Academy in Belgium.

Do the images here on this website have a copy right?

Yes on all images on the website is a copy right, so nothing (part- or full images) may be used or shown in any way, without the explicit permission of Alla Bocharova..

On the photographic work the copy right rests with GiBphoto, none of the images may be used in whole or in part for any reason whatsoever without the written permission of GiBphoto.

All copyrights concerning videographic images are vested in GiBvideo, these images may not be used or displayed in any way, whether in part or in whole, without the written permission of GiBvideo.

Consents can be queried via the contact form on this website. (Click here for the contact form)

Are these works of art for sale?

You can always make a deal with the artist herself if you want to give a particular work of art a good home.

All suggested prices do not include shipping..

How can I communicate with the artist herself?

Alla, the artist behind all these works, mastered the Dutch, as well as the Ukrainian and Russian languages.
Through the contact form you can easily get in touch with Alla, but if you have any questions about one particular work then you can also ask a question about that work with the "INFO" button in the gallery. Look for this in the gallery near the painting in question.

Presentation of the works of art.

The works are intended to hang in the same way as they are shown here on this website. Work without a frame is always painted down over the edges. But certain art galleries sometimes present the works in a framework. But work proposed here without a framework can also be pleased on a wall without a framework.
On the detail page of the work in question you can see whether the painting is offered with or without a frame.

Looking for MODELS

The year around im active with painting. Due to this I want to find some people (woman) who want to pose for me. Take in mind that I'm not working in a commercial environment. I'm looking for people who can do this in the region Herentals in Belgium. So please if you are interested, and you are in the age between 18 and 40 years old and want to  work with me don't hesitate to contact me, thanks in advance.

Contact me if you are interested at this LINK

Do I paint on assignment?

Yes, on request you can have your portrait painted or drawn by Alla Bocharova. Other subjects are also possible to let painted by Alla Bocharova.
Often she is also commissioned to make a portrait or drawing of pets. Cats, dogs, horses and so on are often asked to draw or painted. On this website you can see several examples of personalized paintings and drawings.
To give your pet a more human character, you can also ask to add some clothing to your pet in the drawing (look at some exaples).

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What can you expect here?

This websitye shows you the artistic work of Alla Bocharova. Because Alla is still very active, this website will also grow with new work from her hand. It is therefore useful to visit this website regularly.

What is the best way to view this website?

Although it is possible to look at this website on smartphone, you will have more fun if you look at the website via PC, laptop or tablet. Especially when you look at the paintings, the details, the feeling of the painting will come to you much better if you can look at a larger screen.

Can I have my portrait painted by BochART?

YES, you can order a personal portrait of yourself or your loved ones. Even een drawing of your favorite pet I can make for your. And to personalize is in a special way you can even ask me to humanize your pet by giving i some clothes in the painting. You can look at some personolized work on this website, please go and take a look.  CLICK
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